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ECC (Electronic Cigarette Convention) was formed in 2012 as the vapor products industry’s first trade show and expo. Prior to ECC there were “vape meets” where vapers would get together to meet in person. Some of these meets were small and intimate, and others were larger and would take place in a rented hotel ballroom with vendors having their own tables. ECC founders had a vision about the future of the vapor products industry and believed that it would one day grow beyond its cottage industry roots and become a viable global industry. ECC positioned itself to facilitate this growth by organizing the industry’s first annual Electronic Cigarette Convention which was held at the Anaheim Convention Center in September of 2013.

First full size vape convention done in the United States

Convention where most prominent e-liquid brands launched their company

First to do a large scale 'outdoor vape event' convention in the United States (Santa Anita 2016)

Concept and Breakdown

ECC’s concept is to provide the expo experience in the trade show environment. This blend allows brands to display their products in a trade show booth while providing consumers the opportunity to discover new products and make purchases at show-discount prices. ECC segments the B2B (Business To Business) and B2C (Business To Consumer) environments by setting private B2B hours reserved only for industry personnel. B2B hours allow vape shop employees, distributors, online sellers, and other retailers to attend ECC and meet with exhibitors in a private setting that is closed to the public. B2B hours are usually the first day of ECC’s 3-day event. ECC’s B2C (aka GA – General Attendance) is for consumers, and offers attendees 2 full days of expo experience to visit booth after booth of the industry’s top brands.

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Last shows Recap (Ontario, February 9-11, 2018)

To give you a feel of what ECC is all about, here’s a recap of our last event in 2018 at the Ontario Convention Center.