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ECC Industry Impact Imagery Review Policy


In order to achieve and maintain the highest level of professional presentation of our industry and to limit or eliminate irresponsible marketing assets that could end up being used to harm the industry, ECC Events will tighten enforcement of our Industry Impact Imagery Review Policy. New personnel will be dedicated to monitoring the review process, and new procedures will be added for enforcement while on location.


All exhibitor applications must include imagery submission as described below.


Only pre-approved imagery will be allowed during the show.


Imagery consists of all artwork that will appear in exhibit space, including but not limited to products for sale or display, booth backdrop, free-standing signage, popup/rollup banners, hanging banners, wardrobe/costumes/staff uniforms, brochures, props, inflatables, and anything that will be visible in exhibit space and/or public view.


IP Theft, including the appearance of IP Theft is not permitted.


Counterfeit Product: ECC Events has a zero tolerance policy for counterfeit products. No exhibitor may display counterfeit products and, on its own initiative, ECC reserves the right to prohibit a company from exhibiting at a ECC-sponsored show if a company sells or advertises for sale any counterfeit product, including another manufacturer’s products or any products that ECC deems to be deceptively or illegally marketed. Further, ECC has the right to remove or replace any company that ECC deems to have engaged in counterfeit activity.


Concepts/Artwork that meet minimum percentage variance to avoid infringement will be judged on a case-by-case basis and will not primarily be based on legal grounds, but rather the overall impact the imagery will have on the industry as a whole. A private comity will evaluate at risk imagery when needed.


Cartoon/Animated imagery is acceptable only if it is original artwork and does not make use of imagery or concepts that have been used in the past to appeal to minors and is appropriate for the event.


Primarily Appealing to Minors – imagery that includes current or past concepts that have been established as appealing to kids. E.g., Cheerios Bee, Trix Rabbit, candy retail packaging, soft drink branding, etc.


Any exhibitor found in violation during an ECC Events show will be asked to remove the offending imagery and will be immediately shut down and removed (without refund) if immediate action is not taken (immediate removal of imagery is required).